Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues – Review

anchorman pic-3

anchormanthelegendcontinues-teaser-jpg_202210After nine long years, the sequel to 2004’s cult classic film Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy has arrived. And Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues does not disappoint. Again directed by Adam McKay (The Other Guys, Step Brothers) and written by McKay and Will Ferrell (The Campaign, Everything Must Go), Anchorman 2 delivers everything that the fans were hoping for and more.

Picking up 10 years after the first film left off, Ron and his now wife Veronica (Christina Applegate – Hall Pass, The Rocker) are living it up in New York City, anchoring at one of New York’s biggest news networks until Veronica is promoted and Ron is fired. Six months later he is working at SeaWorld back in San Diego and offered a job in New York at the worlds first 24 hour news channel. So after he 4df8cb51-196b-4dfd-b8c9-fb6d2e032be7reassembles the legendary Channel 4 News Team, they head to New York to work for GNN and turn the way news is presented on it’s head. Along with many mishaps on the way.

Paying homage to all of the great gags of the first film, including Ron’s tongue twisters and sayings, Brian’s cupboard of manly cologne (now a cupboard of condoms) and the National ANCHORMAN 2: THE LEGEND CONTINUESNews Battle Royale. All new and improved for the sequel. However, this second outing does not coast solely on the success and jokes of the first, it does provide the same humor that we saw in the first however this time featuring it’s fair share of shock humor, largely on the topic of race due to Ron and the team not knowing how to act upon discovering their new boss is black. Tip toeing the line between offensive and funny, it is pulled off mostly for focusing the joke on Ron and the team and their flat out stupidity which allows them to get away with it. Many of the other jokes throughout the film are largely hit and miss which vary between maxresdefaultjaw droppingly funny and enough for a small chuckle. But as the film progresses, it moves back towards its completely and almost Naked Gun inspired absurd style of humor.

The plot whilst being slightly loose, does allow a lot of room for various different moments to take place during the gangs time working for GNN such as the ratings race between Ron and Veronica, Brick’s first love, Ron trying (and failing) to bond with his 7 year old son and Ron being unable to do his job after an accident caused by a rival newscaster. It could almost be broken up into episodes of a TV series but does manage to fit it all into the film with just enough narrative to connect it all together, despite the fact that some may argue that it has too much going on just for the sake of it.

And to sum up

  • The full cast from the first film returns, bigger and better than ever
  • A whole host of cameo appearances you won’t believe happened
  • Lots of new fan favourite quotes to take away and annoy your friends with
  • Brick’s trident makes an appearance
  • A stunningly 80s soundtrack fits the film perfectly
  • Some jokes feel a bit forced but there are enough to keep the film sailing through happily



One response to “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues – Review

  1. That first movie will always remain my favorite, but this sequel isn’t too bad neither. It’s just not nearly as funny, as much as it pains me to say that. Good review.

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