Pixies – EP2 Review

Image212521-ep-2The Pixies returned last year with EP1, their first collection of original recordings in 20 years. Then early on in January this year with EP2. One of two four track EPs scheduled for release this year. Recorded during the same sessions as EP1 in late 2012 in Rockfield Records in Wales.

The first track, Blue Eyed Hexe is nothing but what you would expect from the Pixies we know and love. With heavily distorted guitars, Frank  Black’s gravelly talking style of lyrics (in a similar vein to Indie Cindy from EP1) and catchy a catchy chorus. Though the bulk of the song fits their typical style of playing, the chorus has some similarities from what you would expect 2013PixiesPA-17730905260913from an AC/DC record.

Magdalena is the second track on the EP which features distorted rhythm guitars with a very high pitched cleaner lead riff. With Frank’s very short lyrical lines and choruses that sound like they belong in a dream sequence in a film, due to the slow tempo and light distortion on the track.

Greens and Blues was described by Frank Black to be a song that would “musically, emotionally and psychologically – sit in the same place that Gigantic Pixies_3has sat” along with becoming a new show closer. This being the intention, the song can be counted as a success. Featuring very clean rhythm acoustic guitar and again the light distortion on the lead. All this combines with the soft spoken verses with the more intense choruses.

The final track snakes, contains the Pixies trademark unpredictable style with intricate lead guitar riffs and driving drums that push the track on and suddenly die down to a very sinister sounding opening verse before building back up for the chorus. which follows a very simple structure throughout the song.

Though perhaps not as varied or memorable as EP1, this release is far from a disappointment in either a follow up to EP1 nor as a return of the Pixies that we love for it is just what we are used to. Now we wait for what EP3 has to offer.


EP1 and 2 are available from the Pixies online store from EP3 is scheduled for release in April 2014.

What did you think of EP2? Comment below.


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